Come visit us on New Year's! All Inclusive Event like usual!
                                           Call 652-8484


Welcome to the Library Annex , "Home of The Billy Bucket."  Being the hottest Nightclub and Best Dancefloor in St. Louis, we have something for every taste.  Come enjoy our new smoke machine and enhanced lighting.  Located on St. Louis University's Campus there is a youthful energy on the dancefloor so you better have your A game on.

Just because it's a library, doesn't mean you have to be quiet! Enjoy our live DJ and one of the best dance clubs in the St. Louis area.  So come enjoy the NightLife and The Best Dance Club in St. Louis!! 

 Don't feel like a DanceClub tonight? We've got you covered with foosball, darts, billiards, and the best beer pong in St. Louis in the Lounge.  


Hours of Operation:
Thursday - Saturday: 9PM till 3AM

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Located at 3693 Forest Park Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63108
(314) 652-8484